The girl with JRA

The girl with JRA was on heavy doses of steroids and pain killer injections and despite of all that severe pain and unable to walk. She feared to visit doctors as always they give injections but could not avoid it as she had unbearable pain at nights which make her wake up and cry.. All the drugs were withdrawn. Pain was reversed fast and CRP dropped very fast but ESR was fluctuating and it took certain period to enable her to walk as shown in second video now. She was responding to medicine and she was a very wise girl who does not fuss with diet instrucfions. Her joint swelling and bent is almost rectified with granules of Medicine and medicated water with SBEBArule of nutrition. No Panchakarma was done and the case was managed not in hospital.

The treatment expense is negligible , not in thousands and lakhs. The age of the patient was very favourable here . Another case of Autoimmune Hepatitis with cirrhosis of a girl of same age intended for urgent liver transplant also got reversed in liver function (only scar of cirrhosis in USG now) and is staying normal without medicine and only Medicated water. This girl is not on medicine now , only Medicated water, medicated bandaging and intermittent small dosages of immune stabilisation medicine. The rule of diet is relaxed now.

SBEBA is to unveil the true scientificity and potential of Ayurveda. God is great. So are true Vaidyshasthras Sharing to expose Ayurveda as it is. Remember this is not the ultimate. This is based on a small fragment of true science what I was able to comprehend so far.

It is impossible to know the limitations of the science once we start trying to explore the possibilities.


Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda (SBEBA) is a scientific innovative diagnostic and treatment methodology developed after more than ten years of intense basic and clinical research by the proponents Dr. Rajkumar KC, MD PhD(Ayurveda) and Dr. Remya Krishnan MD ,PhD ( Ayurveda)

Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medcical College,
( Govt. Of Puducherry Institution), Mahe

Associate professor and Head of the department
Department of Diagnostics

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medcical College,
( Govt. Of Puducherry Institution), Mahe

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