Whenever I engage in a conversation with my conventional Ayurveda colleagues, I frequently find many of their faces getting disappointed or frowning at me. My fellow physicians are unhappy to hear my words on the need for crucial updating of the system and the quality of performance of Ayurveda physicians as they take it personalized criticism against them and that I am an arrogant personality. What I  understand from this after such a long period of receiving this attitude from many in my professional community is that the Ayurvedic community is raised in medical colleges in such a way that they should surrender their intelligence and common sense to anything and everything which they listen to under the label Ayurveda from faculties and real humbleness is doing that without any queries of clarification. As Ayurvedic biology is quite unfamiliar to fresh students of Ayurveda, it is natural for them to get too many queries. But their inquisitive mind is suppressed from the very first year by telling that Ayurveda is a highly controversial philosophy where variable opinions of different so-called “experts” (expertise does not have quality parameters defined in  conventional Ayurveda) are very much acceptable for the same context and that we should not question anything. So, there is no wonder that any faculty who encourages them to keep asking and arguing for clarity and confirmation would be considered as the one who is trafficking in Anti Ayurveda. According to these large majority of faculties who wish to stay in their comfort zones permanently, anything which contradicts their thoughts, beliefs and blind experiences is Anti Ayurveda. Obviously, anything which stay static in brains sealed and double insulated would deteriorate eventually and Ayurveda professional community forgets to think and apply the innate common sense in the science of Ayurveda as they do not get specific education and motivation to do that. Thus they become eternal diffident slaves to themselves and society and in spite of prescribing to hundred patients a day also, they become incapable to reverse their own infective fever confidently.

The people who are conferred “expert” titles in Ayurveda mostly secure it by big political influence or business and not based on an unbiased evaluation of their knowledge of expertise and quality performance. Unfortunately, once few people are entitled as experts in the above said manner, they will be only continuously given opportunities in policy changes with regard to professional education, research and clinical practice and hence any dedicated medical professional who genuinely proposes some out of the box ideas and methodologies to consider in policy will be naturally suppressed or blocked by the already selected “expert panel” as this new proposal is rationally challenging the existing policies with effective practical solutions to revise them. This is why I believe SBEBA proposals which offer promising Health future to this science ,humanity and national economy continue to stay without serious appraisal and response.

Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda (SBEBA) practises the Science Based Medicine in place of conventional Ayurveda practice which is based on different beliefs, ideas, experience and individual opinions of “legends”. Ayurveda strictly advocates to practice Science-Based Medicine (Jnana Poorva Karma), but as the conventional Ayurveda does not do the same, conventional Ayurveda cannot be counted as Rational Ayurveda.Ayurvedic science being highly complex and vast , strictly advocate its practitioners to constantly culture their intelligence in the innate theorems, logics and principles of Ayurveda which is technically speaking “ Shaasthraarthakarmaanusheelana”. But currently it is not adopted and instead the practice of “This medicine in that disease” is encouraged in different policies of education, research and clinical practice. In Ayurveda, it is the innate intelligence of physician that requires constant enhancement and refinement and artificial intelligence can absolutely do nothing to promote natural intelligence of humanbeing. Ayurveda being a deterministic science led by deductive logics, inductive reasoning based on the results of statistical data of empirical drug administration is of no value in the same. Attaining high-level intelligence in the knowledge and application of Science Based Medicine by development of certain innate methodologies is what is done by the SBEBA pioneers for the past decade and more and large number of physicians who have undergone training through workshops of SBEBA are aware of the difference in the precision and quality of their mode of clinical practice before and now.

The fundamental principles of the deterministic science of Ayurveda like Mathematics can specifically predict whether the particular treatment works to produce the “intended effects” (not mere Benefit- Risks) in the particular patient in a particular condition by answering specifically the questions “HOW and WHY” and thus SBEBA deserves to be addressed as Science Based Medicine. Science refers to the knowledge of precision and certainity and not data of probability and confusion and Ayurveda is such a science that explains in detail the methods and logic to abandon confusion and uncertainity in choice and application of its logic. Therefore, applying Randomised Control Trial studies in such deterministic sciences is arguably unethical because the very fundamental requirement of any clinical trial is to establish that the particular treatment is grounded in good science which explains its cause and consequences.
If SBEBA is suspicious to anyone, SBEBA has to be professionally challenged through scientific debates and discourses instead of baseless blaming, backbiting, and personalized defamation of the pioneers of the same. The wide revolutionary ideas and evidence of SBEBA overturn much of the what is presently known and adopted as Ayurveda and hence it is natural to feel uncomfortable with this. But uncritical rejection is equally pathetic and dangerous as uncritical acceptance and doing it will arrest the intended professional renaissance of the Ayurveda community and the timely updation of this medical system

                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Remya Krishnan MD PhD



Science Based Evidence Based Ayurveda (SBEBA) is a scientific innovative diagnostic and treatment methodology developed after more than ten years of intense basic and clinical research by the proponents Dr. Rajkumar KC, MD PhD(Ayurveda) and Dr. Remya Krishnan MD ,PhD ( Ayurveda)

Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medcical College,
( Govt. Of Puducherry Institution), Mahe

Associate professor and Head of the department
Department of Diagnostics

Rajiv Gandhi Ayurveda Medcical College,
( Govt. Of Puducherry Institution), Mahe

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